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Alessandra's Welcome


Since I was a young girl I developed a passion for America

and the English language. Living in Italy, I realized that being proficient in English had become a necessity for my

country. I started as a mother, to speak English to my family

everyday, and to come to the States in the summer and have my daughters attend summer camps organized for American kids. Not only did my girls become bilingual before moving to the US, they also learned skills that in Italy they didn't have a chance to experience.

I then thought that what I had done for my own children I could do for other Italians. The language was obviously the limit, so my challenge was to show Italian families that there is another way to learn English and this could open the doors to amazing opportunities for their children.

When I moved to the States with my family it also became clear to me that Americans love Italy, but they have an idea of Italy which is not real. My challenge is to take Americans to discover the real Italy.

Alessandra Scimone, Founder and Teacher

About Little America

Little America LLC, is an American company, which offers cultural exchange programs. We’re located in Pittsford, NY (USA) and we have an Italian branch in Merate, LC, (Italy).

Little America offers online programs for people, regardless of their age, who want to learn or improve English and become more familiar with the American culture and lifestyle.

The company also organizes summer camps in Pittsford for kids, teenagers and adults who want to experience a full immersion in the American culture and language.


In the attempt to offer American children and their families an authentic knowledge of Italian language and culture, in an area greatly populated by people with Italian origins, the company has decided to open a bilingual childcare. As of January 2019, Little America LLC is a NYS licensed childcare provider.

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