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Summer Camps

Little America has run summer camps for Italian students since 2010. 

Our summer camps involve full immersion in the American language, culture and life.

All the students who are enrolled in our camps receive a thorough preparation not only regarding the language but especially regarding American culture


Students spend 3 weeks in Pittsford, NY, and the last 3 days of their vacation in a big city like NYC, Washington or Boston.

While in Pittsford they spend 2 weeks in full-day camps organized by local schools or universities, sport or cultural organizations. They choose these camps according to their interests and passions and spend the whole day in an all American environment. 

Often students have a chance to choose camps in new areas and they discover new interests or talents, which might lead to a career or help them understand themselves better. 

Our students are hosted in our family house. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, with transportation to and from the camps. The company also organizes field trips over the weekends, dinners to local restaurants, shopping days in nearby malls as well as movie and theatre nights. 

Camp 2019

Little America Program II Group 2019 - d
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