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Meet Our Team

Alessandra Scimone
Founder, ESL Teacher and Managing Director

What do I love more than teaching? The chance of touching my students’ hearts and minds, to encourage them to believe that nothing is impossible especially if you speak English. I'm a strong believer that by knowing English their dreams can come true.


Other than teaching, I like to spend time with my big family as I’m a mother of 5. I also love cooking, going to the movies, listening to music and traveling. 


My passions and interests are a big source of inspiration for the classes I create. I consider myself to be very lucky because not only do I love my job, but each student makes me a better teacher and person.

Emily Mills Woodruff

My name is Emily and I teach English, both online classes and summer camps, with Little America. Although I’m American, I speak Italian and have traveled to Italy many times. In addition to teaching, I’m also a professional opera singer and I teach private music lessons. In my free time I enjoy running, yoga, cooking, reading, and renovating a house with my husband.

Abigail Wood
Day Care Assistant

My name is Abigail and I am a Daycare Assistant. I have been working in childcare for five years. Previously I've worked as an after school caregiver, a program director, and an outdoor program facilitator. I love working with youth of all ages, but I especially enjoy working with preschool aged children.

Katie Bastianelli
Assistant Business Development Manager
Business English and English for Traveling Teacher
TOEFL Class Teacher

My name is Katie and I have always had a fascination for foreign languages and cultures. I majored in French in college and had the opportunity to study abroad on several occasions. After college, I moved to Rome, Italy on a whim and ended up staying there for six years. I completed my Master’s Degree while in Italy in International Relations and worked for the United Nations and other nonprofit organizations. I also received my TEFL certificate while in Rome. 

After moving back to the US, I continued to work from home in various capacities and joined Little America llc in March 2020. Working with them has been a wonderful way to continue maintaining my connection to Italy!


Vanessa Raffaele
Website and Marketing Designer

My name is Vanessa and I'm currently in charge of the website upkeep as well as marketing/ad designs. I graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a BFA in Dance and a BS in Video Production in 2019. After spending some time in NYC, home due to Covid and traveling, I have settled for the time being in Fuerteventura (Spain) where I'm currently working in a resort as a dancer and fitness instructor. In my free time I love listening to music, reading and watching tv/movies. 

Virginia Raffaele

My name is Virginia and I teach a couple of online classes as well as assist my mom with the summer camp in the US. I am a current SUNY Fredonia graduate with a BFA Dance and BA Theater Arts. At the moment, I’m based in the Cleveland, OH area, working in Theatre. In my free time I like cooking, watching tv and reading.

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