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E-Teaching: Online English Classes

Since the beginning the company has chosen to teach English with a new method that focuses on reinforcing speaking and listening skills through different contents.

Current events, TV series, TV shows, movies, music, songs, musicals, art, drama, American history, politics, geography, holidays, sport, are the main inspirations for our lessons. Students read, watch videos, write a response but they especially express their opinions and share their perspectives about the topics proposed.

Teenagers and adults are engaged in debates and thorough conversations that help them understand better American society and beliefs.

Kids (5-8 yrs)

Twice a week, for an hour, kids enter the online classroom and through a fixed routine begin learning to communicate their likes and their feelings. Every 4 weeks, a new theme in introduced and all activities fit within that theme.

Teens (13-18 yrs)

With this group we tackle, twice a week, current events, history and politics that help them develop language skills but also encourage them to form their own opinions with their class mates. This allows them to communicate their thoughts to each other and debate in case of disagreement. Once the appropriate level of English is reached we start working on creative writing, reading and watching movies.

Pre-teens (9-12 yrs)

Twice a week our students learn English through American history, geography, traditions and pop culture. We watch videos, movie clips, TV shows, musicals and listen to music. We then analyze them from a linguistic and cultural point of view.

Adults (18+)

With flexible times and in groups of 6 students max, adults have the chance to learn and improve their language skills through conversation, reading articles, watching American film clips, shows or news. Classes are created specifically to tailor the student’s level and it is encouraged for the students to request specific topics.


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American Musical Theatre
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American Current Events
US Road Trip
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American Sports Legends
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American Talk Shows
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Dungeons and Dragons
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American Music and Society
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History of American Food


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