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Consulting Services

Little America, LLC provides consulting services to European individuals, investors, and

small and medium-sized businesses who are interested in educational program in the

US, or want to invest in the US.


Information sessions will be offered on Zoom on regular basis.

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For People Interested in Attending Educational Programs in the US Little America

Helps individuals find the right college and summer programs

o Bachelor’s Degrees

o Master’s Degrees

o Summer Camps

 Helps executives find customized seminars and programs

o Management Classes

o Executive Programs

o Professional Enrichment Classes

o Language Classes

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For Investors interested in investing in the US and Obtaining an Investor Visa Little America

Helps investors and entrepreneurs find investment opportunities in the US

or start a business in the US; here’s a list of the services we provide:

o Helping foreign entrepreneurs and investors invest in businesses in the

US or launch businesses in the US.

o Managing start-ups on behalf of entrepreneurs and investors while they

wait to receive their visa.

o Providing support throughout the immigration process (finding a business,

purchasing a business, development of a business plan, legal counsel,

international tax advisory, visa applications, etc.)

o Assisting companies with the launch of their US operations and with the

expansion of their business in the US (finding offices, distributors,

accountants, lawyers, business partners, etc.).

o Organizing conferences and seminars for entrepreneurs and managers in

different industries.

o Providing strategic advice and management services.

o Helping clients develop a pitch and an attractive value proposition.

o Connecting companies with prospective business partners, clients and


o Working with the private industry and academic entities to develop new

partnership opportunities for clients.

Information sessions will be offered on Zoom.

Register and we’ll email you the Zoom link.

Registration Fee: $40


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Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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